Anime & Manga Lists

I have included titles, tags, links, and some reviews for each title listed. Tags are my way of showing you what a particular item is about without writing a detailed review. All of the manga and anime I list here are linked to their pages on MyAnimeList, a website with comprehensive and detailed information, as well as reviews, images, and ratings. I may also link to my own reviews of some manga!


Alice in the Country of Hearts {classic, literature, shonen, visual novel, love, fantasy} My review is here.

Are You Alice? {magic, fairy tales, genderbend, quirky} My review is here.

Attack on Titan {mature, battle, horror, kodansha, monsters, alternate history} My review is here.

Bakuman {modern, manga, art, shonen, friendship, otaku} My review is here.

Blood Lad {demons, vampires, ghosts, supernatural, otaku, friendship} My review is here.

Bunny Drop {slice-of-life, family, children, growing up, realistic, cute} My review is here.

Cat Paradise {superpowers, fantasy, academy, history, mythology}

Crimson Empire {romance, visual novel, medieval, intrigue} My review is here.

Haganai {school, otaku, weird, growing up, making friends, fanservice} My review is here.

Inukami {shrines, supernatural, yokai, fox, fanservice} My review is here.

Jiu Jiu {supernatural, werewolves, demons, hunters, family, friends, comedy} My review is here.

Kasumi {school, private academy, magic, mystical, nature, comedy} My review is here.

Kannagi {shrines, mythology, religion, tsundere, moe, magic} My review is here.

Kanokon {school, yokai, fox, fanservice, romance} My review is here.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya {slice of life, high school, moe, fanservice, supernatural} My review is here.

Nisekoi {slice of life, romance, comedy} My review is here.

Pokemon Adventures {Pokemon, classic, pocket monsters, friendship, competition} My review is here.

Psycho Busters {teens, psychics, modern, friends, science} My review is here.

Seraph of the End {vampires, combat, dystopia, academy} My review is here.

Soul Eater Not! {popular, cute, slice-of-life, Soul Eater spin-off} My review is here.

Sunshine Sketch {slice-of-life, 4 panel style, art, academy, school, girls} My review is here.

Suzunari {cats, neko, catgirl, girls, slice-of-life, 4 panel style, school, mythology}

Tiger & Bunny {superheroes, future, reality TV, modern} My review is here.

Wandering Son {middle school, girls, boys, slice of life, school, growing up, gender, cross-dressing} My review is here.

Whispered Words {slice of life, romance, lgbtq, yuri} My review is here.

World Trigger {science fiction, academy, battle, aliens} My review is here.


Attack on Titan {horror, mature, battle, alternate history, kodansha, monsters} Watch on Crunchyroll. My review is here.

Blue Exorcist {mythology, religion, demons, fighting, slice-of-life, popular, boys} Watch on Crunchyroll.

Deadman Wonderland {dystopia, superpowers, science fiction, experiments} Watch on Funimation. My review is here.

Hiiro no Kakera {romance, magic, mythology, school} My review is here.

K-Project {sci-fi, superpowers, battle, academy} My review is here.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya {school, slice of life, crazy, otaku, tsundere} My review is here.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica {magical girl, girls, slice-of-life, schools, magic, cute} Watch for free on Crunchyroll.

Shining Hearts {romance, magic, slice of life, harem} My review is here.

Squid Girl {comedy, slide of life, ocean, magic, anthropomorphic, girls}


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