CuteBoomCon: A Review!

CuteBoom is a convention for fans of everything cute! Anime, manga, ponies, video games – it’s pretty much your regular anime convention, just with an emphasis on the kawaii. There was an MLP band doing several concerts, a maid cafe, and lots of cute artwork all over the place.

I highly recommend CuteBoom! I plan on attending for all 3 days next year, and you should, too!

The Events!

I only went to CuteBoom for 1 day, but there was so much going on! I hung out in the dealer’s room, did a mini photo shoot with Madster Cosplay & Photography, and got a super cute manta ray plushie. I sang Japanese karaoke for the first time, which was an awesome experience. I also went to a couple of panels, and won some stuff at Anime Jeopardy. There was a cosplay contest, and I got 3rd place out of 4! The contest was run really well, and MCed by a super adorable Fluttershy who was also in the MLP band. I watched anime in the screening room (a real theater!), listened to Shadow Clone perform a few songs live, and wished I could have stayed for the Rave, which I heard was great. I also went to the Maid Cafe, which was fun and super cute!

The Venue!

The convention was held at the Atrium Hotel & Conference Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. I absolutely loved the location! The conference center was spacious and had the perfect rooms for the events. The concert/cosplay contest room was great, and had a stage and lights and everything. The dealer’s room was big enough for everyone but didn’t feel cramped. There was a lot of seating in the hotel lobby, as you can see in the picture below.

The best part of the location? The theater! It has a full-size, big-screen theater right off the lobby! I watched a few episodes of Sengoku Collection with a friend and it was super fun.

The Video! 

Check out this awesome promo video for CuteBoom! You can see my Espurr cosplay a couple of times, and all the other cool events that went on!


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