Seventh Son Movie

Well, it was. . .Okay.

The concept was very cool, as most book-derived movies are. The character designs were interesting, but not spectacular. The action was okay; there wasn’t really enough of it. The CG was fine – the creatures, in particular, were interesting. I enjoyed the costume designs, although there weren’t enough of them. The music was incredibly mediocre. Many of the main characters had only 1 costume, maybe 2, to wear for the entire movie, which is simply ridiculous. It isn’t quite Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie bad, but it’s only a notch and a half above that level, honestly.

Here is our lovely heroine, in her second costume. She gets 2 costumes, which makes her a lucky gal. Honestly, this steampunky-fighting corset/armor was pretty awesome.

Julianne Moore has a stupendous makeup artist, but she only had 2 costumes; 1 she wore for the entire movie, and the 2nd she wore for a single minute in a dream/magic sequence near the end. If your evil leading lady only gets 2 costumes, you’re doing something wrong. She is beautiful and evil and awesome, and she should be dressed as such!

 And here is our hero, looking dark and mysterious and brooding, as he should. That’s his most attractive look, after all. And damn, does he look good in knits. Which is god,  because he only wears knits. Except for that one time he got a sweet wool trenchcoat, that looks completely out of place on him.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a fun, poorly written, sort of interesting to look at fantasy movie, I guess you could try Seventh Son. But you’ll probably be disappointed. Sorry.


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