Monday Musings: School Outreach Miracles


I’ve been a teen librarian for 2.5 years. 

And it’s finally happened.

I’ve gotten into every school in my service area.


Private and public, middle and high schools, combined elementary-middle schools – I am THERE. 

It took 2.5 years to make this happen because along with being persistent, I simply had to wait. I had to wait for some people to retire, and for new and younger and more motivated and interesting people to take their place. Honestly. Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do except wait. And the waiting pays off. 

Sometimes all it takes is a personal contact. To get into the last school, a K-12 private school nearby, I had to have a children’s librarian I know contact her friend, who is a teacher there, who then contacted the English teacher, who then contacted me. Because they are all nice and motivated ladies, this whole exchange took less than a month. Which was shocking, honestly. But it happened. Because I asked – I asked the ladies in the children’s dept if anyone had a contact at this particular school, and they came through for me.

So if you’re depressed about outreach, or frustrated that you can’t get into a particular school, it’s okay. It is okay. Sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes you have to ask the right questions. More often, you just have to wait.


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