Reading My Library Plans

April is National Library Month, and in celebration – and – are hosting an event they’re calling Reading My Library. I am super excited to participate, because as a Teen Librarian not only do I get to have a big part in my Young Adult collection development, I also encounter so many books that I want to read from my library’s shelves! Of course there are some that I never get to, and that’s what this event is about! 


Below are a bunch of books that I have been wanting to read for the past year or 2, and that I glance at on my library’s shelves but never actually pick up. Okay, I’ve actually picked up a couple of these and checked them out. . .and never read them. I also have a giant stack of books that are not pictured below, so I’m honestly hoping to read between 10 and 15 books in April. Typically these books sit on my shelf and I don’t read them; they get returned without me even opening the cover!

But I pledge to do so in April! And you should, too! Get out to your public library and check out all those books you’ve always wanted to read!

The Almost Girl (The Almost Girl, #1) Waterfell (The Aquarathi, #1)

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) City of a Thousand Dolls (Bhinian Empire, #1)

On the Count of Three When My Heart Was Wicked

Dark Star (Dark Star, #1) The Suburban Strange


5 thoughts on “Reading My Library Plans

  1. I’m in for this one too and just signed up. When I was in the library the other day, the woman at the desk was reading – well trying to read – she had to keep putting her book down to take care of business. I could feel her exasperation at the interruptions. Not that she was rude or let it show, but I just thought about how I feel when I’m trying to finish a book or a chapter and keep getting interrupted.


    • Yay, glad you signed up! Honestly it’s totally strange to me that she was trying to read at all! I’m a librarian and we get introuble for reading at the desk, even if we’re reading ebooks on the computer!

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      • This is a small town library, so sometimes it’s really quiet – although there’s probably always something to be done. But she’s definitely past retirement age. Might even be a volunteer.

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  2. Happy to have you join us for the challenge! You’ve got a great list of titles there, I’m going to have to look into some of them. I do have Angelfall to review through Net Galley, hope to get to it this month yet.

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