Let’s Talk: FE&L #1- Should YA Authors Write Empowered Female Protagonists?

I wrote a thing for Batool’s Book Feels about Female Empowerment in YA Lit. Specifically – are authors obligated to write strong female protagonists?


Why Are Empowering Female Characters Important? 


Writing empowered female characters in YA Literature

I was invited by Batool to write about female empowerment in Young Adult books and literature. Thank you so much for asking for my thoughts!

At first I wasn’t sure where to start – do I talk about my favorite strong female characters? Do I share how I don’t always like my female protagonists to be a badass? Or do I write about my experiences as a Teen Librarian, and what I see teens reading and requesting?

Turns out, none of those things are what I want to talk about. I want to have a conversation with other YA readers & reviewers about whether YA authors should write their female protagonists as empowered. This is intended to make you think, to bring up questions for discussion, and not as an accusation or social statement.

Why do…

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