Character Appreciation Post #9: Benedict Le Fay

Name: Benedict Le Fay
Also known as: Ben, Benedict, Benedict Will O’ the Wisp Le Fay, and “the best traveler in the Otherworld”


The Girl Who Never Was (Oth... The Boy with the Hidden Nam... The Girl Who Kissed a Lie (... The Girl Who Read the Stars...

Author: Skylar Dorset

Background: Benedict Le Fay is the son of the most powerful faerie enchantress ever, who just so happens to be missing for decades, or has it only been minutes? Anyway, everyone keeps telling Ben he is the best traveler, the best enchanter, even better than his mother, but he just can’t accept it. Ben is the last remaining member of the Le Fay line, a very old line of royal faeries. Ben isn’t exactly royalty, but he is very powerful, anyway.

Characteristics: Ben is a faerie. And how does that saying go? Never trust a faerie. Selkie can’t help but trust Ben, who has befriended her and kept her safe. Ben is quick to act, often against the better judgment of his friends. He doesn’t think before he acts or speaks, and that gets him into trouble with Selkie. Ben is a bit flighty, but aren’t all faeries? He also is very much allergic to water, which isn’t that strange in the faerie world.

My vision of the character:


 “I can’t. You said my name. Not nicely. And now it’s pouring and I’m wet. So we do NOT have a choice. We are going. If we stay here, the world will end.”

“I am nothing is not gracious,’ Ben replies lightly, and then watches the door to the banquet hall slam shut behind all of us.”

“Royal faeries always ride corgis,’ Ben tells me in his OBVIOUSLY tone of voice.”

 Does Ben sound interesting? Want to get to know him better? Check out  my review of the books in the Otherworld series, THE GIRL WHO NEVER WASand THE BOY WITH THE HIDDEN NAME.


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