Monday Musings: Reading at work



Today is Monday, and the start of another work week. A long, full, exhausting work week lies ahead for me. I am an endlessly busy Teen Librarian This week I’ve got about 5 teen programs, a couple of outreach visits, and some time on the Reference Desk, oh and probably a meeting or 2 that I’ve forgotten about! 

Reading at work!

I try to read at work as much as possible. I have a book I read on my lunch breaks. I try to have another ebook in progress to read when the Reference Desk is slow or when I’m waiting for a meeting to start. I try to take a print book with me to outreach visits, because if I don’t I’ll inevitably have down time in between classes or something.

I am almost always reading a book for a teen book club. I try to make this my lunch break book, but that doesn’t always happen. A lot of librarians run book clubs, and I know we read those books mostly on our own time. 

Do you prefer print or ebooks?

Do you have a separate book you read just on breaks at work? 

Are you the kind of person to sneak a few pages in while waiting for a training, meeting, or class to start?



2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Reading at work

  1. I always feel guilty if I read during work hours, but lunch time=oh yeah! I read while waiting at the doctor’s office, as well. I get allergy shots, which requires me to sit in the waiting room for thirty minutes, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to read in peace.

    I do have different books I read during different times of the day. My morning brain and my night brain work differently, so I tend to have several books I am reading at a time.

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