The Widdershins Adventures – Review & Giveaway

Thief's Covenant (Widdershins Adventures, #1)False Covenant (Widdershins Adventures, #2)Lost Covenant (Widdershins Adventures, #3)

Covenant's End (Widdershins Adventures, #4)

The Widdershins Adventures  are an undiscovered goldmine in the world of YA fiction. The 4 book series follows the wild and crazy adventures of teenage thief girl, Widdershins, once known as Adrienne Satti. An orphan, whose entire family was murdered, Widdershins roams the back alleys and dark corners of her home city of Davillon. On the run from the human and supernatural forces that want her dead, Widdershins survives by her wit and skill, and more than a little help from her own personal god, Olgun. The pair make an unlikely dynamic duo as they swashbuckle their way into fights and talk their way out of them. 

The world-building is well-conceived, intricate, and very complex, and well-written, especially for a YA novel.  The dialogue, particularly Widdershins talking to herself, to Olgun, and to people she is about to render unconscious, is absolutely hilarious and far more entertaining than anything I’ve read in a YA contemporary book. Widdershins is absolutely relatable, lovable, hilarious, and entertaining. I would have to say that she is an incredibly successful fantasy character. Marmell really knows what he’s doing and appears to be quite the hidden master of fantasy writing. As his only YA series, the Widdershins novels are some of the best fantasy for teens that you could find.

The series comes to a smashing and satisfying conclusion in the final book, COVENANT’S END, which releases today from Pyr Books.

Ari Marmell was born in New York, moved to Houston when he was a year old, moved to Austin when he was 27, but has spent most of his life living in other worlds through a combination of writing and roleplaying games. He has been writing more or less constantly for the last dozen years, though he has only been paid for it the past five. He is the author of multiple roleplaying game supplements including work on Dungeons & Dragons. Ari lives in Austin with his wife, George, and two cats.

Doesn’t this series sound awesome? Check out my Character Appreciation Post for Widdershins, and if you like what you see enter my giveaway to win ARCs of books 3 and 4 in the series!


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