Satanic YA Week Day 5: Interview with Gina Damico

Satanic YA Week


HELLHOLE came out on Tuesday!!

Do you have your copy yet?

Bought a hardcover at your local bookstore or perhaps online?

Have you put it on hold at your public library?!

Come on, people, grab your fluorescent orange snacks and get reading this book!

Gina Damico was lovely enough to answer some questions about HELLHOLE for me, due to my intense curiosity about the very important things in life. Like pepperoni and llamas. And America’s Next Top Model. You know how it is. Now on to the interview!

1. What is your favorite flavor of Hot Pocket?

I would have to go with the classic Pepperoni Pizza. Part of me wants to say the ham and cheese, but something about that weird molten liquid cheddar is just a bit off (and I’m not a liquid cheddar snob – I will drink queso like water if it is available). So yeah, pepperoni. Or “pepperoni”, rather. I doubt that there’s any actual meat in there.

2. What is your favorite season of America’s Next Top Model?

I have a weird paradox when it comes to remembering reality show contestants. Project Runway and Apprentice people get permanent residency status in my brain, but for whatever reason, Amazing Race and ANTM are fleeting – I forget them almost as soon as the season ends. (Yes, I’ve paid a lot of attention to how my mind processes the many reality shows I watch. It’s a sickness, I need help, etc.) So while Cycle 13 may not be my favorite, it is the one I remember the clearest, because all of the girls were shorties like me. I mean, they were still all horrible people. But they were tiny horrible people. Like troll dolls.

3. Does Hell have cable TV?

Yes. I imagine hell is a lot like how I spent the day before New Years – marathon-watching an ENTIRE SEASON OF INK MASTER, then snapping out of it and realizing that I just watched an ENTIRE SEASON OF INK MASTER and that my life had, in fact, become a living hell.

4. Why did Burg want the llama?

One can never know the mind of a devil or why it wants but it wants, but my guess is that it’s because llamas are adorable. Who wouldn’t want a llama?


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