Character Appreciation Post #7: Burgundy Cluttermuck

characterappreciationfriday Full Name: Burgundy Cluttermuck aka “Burg”


Author: Gina Damico

Background:  Burgundy Cluttermuck is a devil. Not the devil, mind you, but devil, nonetheless. He has come to our world from the demon world in order to enjoy himself. Think of it as an extended Earthly vacation. Hell gets pretty boring after a while, especially when there’s plenty of work to be done.

In Max’s basement, Burg can just kick back and have fun. Which means eating as much junk food as possible, setting things on fire, getting Max drunk, and watching copious amounts of reality TV. I really think that Burgundy Cluttermuck makes a great antagonist. Plus, he’s hilarious. His jokes are always funny, his pop culture references are unexpectedly goofy, and his sense of style is just plain weird.

Burg says things like, “Oh my stars and garters!” and calls people “homeslice.” He’s gross, he’s loud, he’s obsessed with Call of Duty, and also addicted to junk food, but only if it’s stolen. Burg is actually quite a complicated character as well. He has a lot of surprising depth and even goes through some character development.

Qualities: Hates cats. Wears velour tracksuits. Is very tricky. Will swindle you out of your last bag of Doritos. Is incredibly fond of Hot Pockets and cheap beer. Has a way with words. Also has a way with fiery devil-magic.


Character Appreciation Posts are a blog meme thought up by Batool at Batool’s Book Feels. I loved the idea so much, that I just had to join in.  I’ll try to do a weekly CAP on Fridays from here on out, so if you like the idea go ahead and join in and post about your favorite book characters!


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