Monday Musings: Why do we blog?


With the end of the year drawing very, very near I have been thinking a lot about the purpose and nature of book blogging. 

I’m just going to throw some questions out there, and then discuss what the answers are, to me. If you want to join in the conversation just leave a comment and we’ll talk! 


Why do we blog?

I blog because I want to share my thoughts about books and librarianship. I read a lot, and review a lot (though not enough) and I want an online outlet for all of that time and effort I am putting into books.

Who reads our blogs?

My blog is mostly frequented by other book bloggers and librarians, usually youth services librarians.

What good are our reviews, book reflections, and writing?

Librarians find my posts and pages useful in their search for knowledge about subjects they are unfamiliar with, like anime and manga and teen programming. Book bloggers look at my posts to read about books, and also frankly just to be nice and look at my posts because I look at theirs.

Who finds our reviews helpful?

Book bloggers can find out about books they haven’t read yet, books they haven’t heard of, books they are thinking about reading, and books they aren’t sure they should spend time on. Librarians may find my reviews helpful for collection development and reader’s advisory, though I’ve never actually heard from a librarian who has used my blog in this way.

Who is commenting on our posts?

Only other book bloggers comment on my posts.

Whose posts are you commenting on?

I comment on other book bloggers posts, and on library-related posts.

Where do you share your posts? Who sees them in these various outlets?

I share my posts on Facebook, where sometimes my library teens or coworkers will see them and discuss books with me. I share them on my personal FB, where sometimes friends discuss book series with me. I share them on Tsu, where no one sees them because who actually uses Tsu? I share them on Twitter, where other book bloggers see them, click them, and share them.

Now that I look back on what’s actually happening on my blog, I feel like maybe it isn’t such a fruitless endeavor. However, I am still wondering at the whole “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” (or circle-jerk, if you want the honest truth) nature of book blogging.

Is it worth it? Are we just getting each other off because we’re friends and we like each other and it feels good? Are we doing something worthwhile? Is it worthwhile just because we love books and love talking about and sharing books? 

Looks like I’ve come up with a lot more questions than answers!



One thought on “Monday Musings: Why do we blog?

  1. I’ve been blogging for 7 years and only recently noticed an uptick in comments (largely I think because I am commenting more but also as I make friends with other bloggers and we start having conversations). I use stats more to gauge if my blog is doing anything worthwhile in terms of views/day and also referrers (like I get a lot of people reading my older reviews so I know they still matter).

    I personally have resolved to try and comment (meaningfully) on any blog post I read instead of just lurking but I do know it’s hard some times. I remind myself that I started blogging for myself and to demonstrate/share my own areas of expertise which is also (for me) worth remembering sometimes.

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