Character Appreciation Post #5

Full Name: Teeth 

Book: Teeth


AuthorHannah Moskowitz

Background:  Teeth was born in an unfortunate situation. I can’t tell you more. He’ll have to tell you his story himself. Teeth lives at the edge of human society on an Atlantic island. When Rudy moves there with his family he discovers the strange creature that is Teeth, and instead of running away or being afraid or disgusted, Rudy is drawn to the other boy. They become friends, and it changes both of their lives forever. 

Qualities: Teeth is a fishboy – part fish, part boy. He is emotional. He is funny. He is adorable and ugly and dangerous and innocent all at the same time. 


“I could totally be a . . . whatever.” (Teeth)
“Sailor?” (Rudy)
“On a boat?” (Teeth)
“Yep.” (Rudy)
“Yeah.” He’ll sigh all wistfully. “I could be a sailor. But I’m too busy being a fish.” (Teeth)

“Pathetic, huh?” He learned that word from me.

“Yeah. It’s like the opposite of a fish, right?”


Character Appreciation Posts are a blog meme thought up by Batool at Batool’s Book Feels. I loved the idea so much, that I just had to join in.  I’ll try to do a weekly CAP on Fridays from here on out, so if you like the idea go ahead and join in and post about your favorite book characters!


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