15 Books in 15 Days!


This winter I am going to be giving away 15 books and a bunch of book swag. These books are weighing down my shelves and they’ve got to go! I am also quite behind on my to-read-and-review stack, so I joined forces with the lovely Jacquelyn to read as much as possible over her winter break! 

From December 21-January 4 we are going to each read a book a day. I am super excited about this challenge because I am actually giving away 7 of the books I’m planning on reading, so I have to read them because they’re going to be sent out to some lucky winners after the challenge is over! See the pic above for the books I am giving away. You can also follow along with our reading progress, and even join in, by using the #15Books15Days on Twitter and Instagram. 

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway HERE.

Below are the 15 books I am planning to read. I work 5 out of the 15 days, so I don’t have a complete winter break in which to read, but I have some shorter books and a few graphic novels so I think I can do it! 

  1. 15Books15DaysTabula Rasa
  2. Evil Librarian
  3. Oblivion
  4. Stitching Snow
  5. To This Day
  6. Sleeper
  7. Coda
  8. Tin Solder
  9. Dragonar Academy #4
  10. No Game No Life #1
  11. Are You Alice #4
  12. In Real Life
  13. How it Went Down
  14. Invisible
  15. Animalium

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