Monday Memories: UGLIES by Scott Westerfeld

Uglies (Uglies, #1)UGLIES is the first book in a series of 4 books by Scott Westerfeld set in a dystopian future in which every city is separated into “uglies” and “pretties”, and everyone’s dream is for the day they are old enough to be turned pretty.  
 “Doing what you’re supposed to do is always boring. I can’t imagine anything worse than being required to have fun.”
UGLIES was published in 2005, which is completely mind-blowing to me. I didn’t read it until 2012, which I think was after I had finished reading THE HUNGER GAMES. UGLIES was ground-breaking.
It was genre-shattering. It was revolutionary for its use of language. 
It is the reason I still say things like “happy-making” and “nervous-making” in everyday conversation.
I am reading UGLIES with my teen high school book club over the next month, and I am so excited to hear what they think about it. Sure, they’ve all read or seen THG series, and DIVERGENT, but this came before all of that was even thought up. Shay and Tally were running the wilds outside of New Prettytown before Katniss ever entered the arena. I loved those girls. I wanted to be them, despite reading this book as an adult.
UGLIES left an impact on me that is still felt today. If you haven’t read this amazing series, go out and put it at the top of your to-read list today! 



Monday Memories is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by Miss Print and the Book Bandit. We created Monday Memories because we both love and collect books and wanted to talk about them. We hope you’ll want to share too.


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