Mailbox Monday

This year I was very happy to participate in the Giving Thanks Box Swap organized by Miss Print and The Book Bandit. Last Monday I got my box of goodies and surprises and ohmygod was it ever amazing!

Chocolates! Pens with a matching chevron pattern notebook! (How did she guess I <3 chevron pattern?!) A cute little purple octopus creature keychain! An adorable fox mug that I have already dumped the chocolates out of and poured coffee into! A FREAKING PAPERBACK COPY OF SHATTER ME which I canNOT wait to re-read and scribble/doodle/note all over! The first volume of the K-On! manga, which features more color pages than I’ve ever seen in a manga! Also, dog toys!!! Which were promptly ripped apart and their insides removed by the dachshund terror. 

And let’s not forget the seriously gaudy and adorable and unique and lovely and perfectly weird dachshund ornament! Look at that thing. Look at it. IT IS SPECTACULAR. 

Thank you so, so, so much, Nicole the Book Bandit for putting together this amazing box of lovely surprises!!! 




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