Mockingjay Cosplay




Here are some pictures of  my semi-completed Mockingjay cosplay! As soon as the stills from Mockingjay Part 1 of Katniss in her Mockingjay suit came out I knew I HAD to cosplay her. It was a difficult process, as I used Kydex thermoplastic and I’d never worked with it before, but I did my best, and here is the result! The pictures are a little blurry and sad because they were all taken with my crappy Android phone, but I’m hoping to finish up the cosplay (make more armor!) and do a full photoshoot in the next few months.

16780_369842003176010_6955995452499353628_n library

10712866_369842513175959_5179723514590523654_n katnip


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