Seize the Tuesday #4: Birthday Edition


Seize the Tuesday is a book blogger meme created by Adi Alsaid and the Let’s Get Lost Buddies Street Team, to share stories about how we’ve seized the Tuesday, with a special focus on the particular book we’re reading. We’ll post on as many Tuesdays as possible and share our posts online with the hashtag: #LetsAllGetLost. If you loved Let’s Get Lost then join the LGL Buddies on Facebook and help promote the book! 

Unlike previous Seize the Tuesdays, today’s is not about finding the time and place to read or doing something spontaneous – it’s about writing! 

Today I seized the freaking day by writing over 2000 words, and counting. Seriously I am really pleased with how my November is going. National Novel Writing Month is a hardcore month of writing as much as possible to reach a 50,000 word goal. That’s right, all those words in a single month. I love it. 

Today is also my birthday! I am going to be purchasing books with a gift card I got from my mom and also seizing the opportunity to unashamedly get a special birthday cupcake from Gigi’s Cupcakes. What, you’ve never had a Gigi’s cupcake? GET OUT THERE AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW.

I plan on getting A.S. King’s GLORY O’BRIEN’s HISTORY OF THE FUTURE and whatever else I find that I have been wanting. I mean, there are always books that I want to own. Always. And forever.

Writing, books, and cupcakes: Tuesday SEIZED! 




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