Hellhole Cover & Trailer Reveal!

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HELLHOLE is coming. On January 6th, 2015 the wait will be over. We will finally have Gina Damico’s newest book! I have been a huge fan of Gina’s ever since I read CROAK. I can’t even remember how or when or why I picked up that shiny silver paperback, but at some point I did.
And I loved it. And I showed it to my library teens, and they loved it. They loved it so much, we chose CROAK for teen book club two years in a row. We Skyped with Gina at least once. I have read the entirety of CROAK aloud to a group of pre-teens at an after-school book club. I proudly wear a custom-made-by-Gina-herself little clay scythe on my work nametag. I have CROAK and SCORCH magnets on my fridge at home. I was part of the blog tour for the final book in the series, ROGUE. I have had teens fight tooth and nail over that book, and I’m sure they’re going to be re-enacting the Hunger Games to find out who will be reading HELLHOLE first. No joke – I’m worried about my safety once I get my pre-ordered copy. 
Anyway, enough about me. More about the book! Here is what HELLHOLE is about:
Geeky, squeaky-clean Max Kilgore only has one dirty habit: digging for fossils. One day, to his horror, his shovel strikes not upon a dinosaur bone, but a pit to hell—and out of it comes a devil. Specifically, the kind of devil who eats a lot of junk food, watches a lot of reality television, plays a lot of video games, and refuses to leave Max’s basement. But evil is still evil, no matter what form it takes. And Max has to find a way to comply with the demands of the big red menace, lest he lay waste to everyone and everything Max cares about.

With the help of Lore, a former goth girl who knows a thing or two about the dark side, Max goes in search of a new abode for his unwanted guest. Finding a place where he can reside in luciferian luxury isn’t easy, but Max has strong motivation: his mother, whose terminal illness the devil promises to cure if Max gives him what he wants. Lore has her doubts about making a deal with the devil, but Max will stop at nothing to save his mom. And pretty soon, he’s doing things the good kid he once was would never dream of doing. Clearly, hanging around with a devil is a bad influence. But how can Max get rid of the guy without incurring the wrath of hell?
And without further waiting, the trailer! 


Yep, that’s it. A link. That’s all you get. Thanks, WordPress formatting. Now get your butt over to Youtube and watch that book trailer!

You can pre-order Hellhole online at the usual places: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound. If you pre-order before the end of October and send Gina an email through her website you will receive a custom Hellhole Swag Pack!


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