Books by the Banks 2014

BBTBtestI attended my first ever Books by the Banks event on Saturday! It was an amazing event, with a ton of authors, lots of fun panels and activities, a huge local library presence, and it was incredibly well-organized and run. I was impressed by the event staffing, the signage, and the space available for the crowds of people it drew in.

The Teen Scene was by far the coolest place to be at BBtB this year. I slipped into the room around 10:30am to see Mindy McGinnis yelling random words at the top of her lungs and flinging paper slips everywhere. Yes, Pictionary with a Teen Author was hilarious. Afterwards I chatted with Mindy and Bethany Neal. We took some silly shots in the photo booth (a free-use-it-as-much-as-you-want photo booth!) and headed back to the author tables room.

I also met Emery Lord and Bethany Neal who were a lot of fun. I snuck into the end of the Teen Author Speed Dating panel and listened to Mindee Arnett and Kristen Simmons talk about their books. I am super excited for both Polaris, the sequel to Mindee’s Avalon, and The Glass Arrow, a new stand-alone novel by Kristen due out in February. I also met Carey Corp and Jennifer McGowan, who I saw again a few days later at a Teen Read Week event at the local Campbell County Public Library!

It was amazing to meet so many YA authors in one place, particularly ladies like Mindy McGinnis and Mindee Arnett, who I’ve been following on Twitter for a long time! BBtB was a great event, and I’m really looking forward to next year!

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