Tales From the Bully Box: An Anthology

Bullying stinks, but knowing what to do about it can make things better. In Tales from the Bully Box, you will find short stories about kids just like you. They get bullied, and sometimes they even bully. But most of the time, they are bystanders who have to figure out what to do when they witness the bullying all around them. Filled with stories that take readers on a journey from the classroom to summer camp and the basketball court to the mall, Tales from the Bully Box inspires kids to be the best friends they can be.

I am honored to be part of Tales from the Bully Box anthology. I think it’s a great project that will provide resources to families and educators to combat bullying and to help those who bully and are bullied. To me, the biggest problem with bullying is simply not talking about it, and not listening hard enough. Sometimes all it takes to make it better is to shut your own mouth and really listen to what someone has to say. I hope you hear something powerful in Tales From the Bully Box, and that it helps you listen harder.

My story is called Emergency Exit, and it’s about a peculiar little girl named Josephine who has Asperger’s and is bullied by her classmates. At the beginning of 2014 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and while as an adult I don’t have to face the bullying challenges that youth do, I can very much see how AS affected my childhood. I won’t get into that here, because we want to stay excited about the anthology’s cover reveal! The design is simply spectacular, and not only that – the artist and publisher were on board to modify it at the last minute after my legal name change was finalized!

Stay tuned for information on ordering the anthology, events and speaking engagements from the authors, and story sneak peaks! And I am excited to be part of the cover reveal today, too!


Here it is!







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