TFiOS Re-Read Review

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I recently re-read The Fault in Our Stars for a teen book club I ran at my library, and also for a movie + discussion event. The first time I read it, over a year ago, I gave it 4 stars. This time it only got 2. I really enjoyed annotating my new personal copy, and updating my Goodreads reading progress with snippets of my notes, thoughts, and reactions.

Reading Progress

09/29 marked as: currently-reading
09/29 page 48 15.0% “Rereading with annotations and scribbles and notes. liking it less this time around.”
09/29 page 76 23.0% “Augustus is even more insufferable than I remember and I love Isaac even more this time around.”
09/30 page 130 40.0% “Isaac, you are such a real and amazing guy and I want to be your friend and play video games with you, please. <3”
09/30 page 156 49.0% “They are in Amsterdam. Augustus is in love. Hazel is a grenade. Bluh.”
09/30 page 171 53.0% “All stories should have small furry creatures with quirky names.”
09/30 page 182 57.0% “The Improbable Creatures Club!#!!! Also, authors are generally not sane people, Hazel. sorry.”
09/30 page 192 60.0% “An author owes the reader nothing. The only thing I vaguely agree with Peter v. H. on.”
09/30 page 234 73.0% “Lidewij and Isaac are currently tied for my favorite character.”
09/30 page 258 81.0% “Isaac <3”
10/01 marked as: read

2 thoughts on “TFiOS Re-Read Review

  1. The more I talk about TFIOS the more I find people who don’t love it 1000% (which makes me happy because I don’t either). I enjoyed the humor and agree that Isaac was a great character but I have to say I hated how his disability was handled. It drove me nuts that there was no mention of him learning how to navigate the world on his own (with a cane or a service dog or learning braille) and instead just mentioned his mom taking him everywhere.

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    • Totally agree. We know so much about how Hazel gets through the world with her issues, but Isaac is just kind of ignored. He plays a big part in Gus’s life, but we really don’t end up knowing much about him. I wish there was a book just about Isaac. He’s such an interesting character.


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