Re-reading in Winter

100 Sideways MilesIndelible (The Twixt, #1)I want to re-read books this winter. I don’t typically re-read books unless it is for a book club event (Winger, TFiOS), but I feel a serious need to reread these books! Mockingjay because the movie is coming out, and I want to completely immerse myself in feels. Yes, I know. Indelible because the sequel just came out and I honestly can’t remember a lot of the first book other than I loved it! 

Now that I’ve done a Monday Memories post for The Starlight Crystal  I really want to reread it. This isn’t really an issue, because it will take me seriously a couple of hours to read. It’s a nostalgic book for me, for a lot of reasons I talk about in that particular post

I am also on the Insiders Street Team for Cristin Terril’s All Our Yesterdays, and I really want to reread it so bad! I want to rediscover the characters and the time travel shenanigans and the mystery and all the things. And what can I say about 100 Sideways Miles other than I read it before summer even started and now it’s out in hardcover and I have my own copy and I want to reread it and fall in love with Cade Hernandez all over again. But you know how it is, those TBR stacks just keep growing. Perhaps during NaNoWriMo I’ll focus on re-reading instead of reading new books? We’ll see. 

 The Starlight Crystal  Image of itemAll Our Yesterdays


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