Monday Memories – 100 SIDEWAYS MILES

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 One day I heard about a St. Louis community read book by a guy named Andrew Smith – The Marbury Lens, a brutal and intense story that was hard for some of the other librarians to finish. The next day I met Andrew Smith at the YA Author room at the YA Lit Symposium hosted by YALSA in Austin, Texas. Yeah, I was at that conference after being in my first Teen Librarian job for only a few weeks. I got copies of The Marbury Lens and Passenger, and they were even signed by Andrew Smith. I was the first person to say hello and take his books, because almost everyone else was lined up for Ilsa Bick or whoever-else-I-don’t-remember that was there. I was quite pleased. On the flight home I started reading TML, and I was quite surprised. But I loved it, and I fell in love with Jack and Conner, and I was hooked on Andrew Smith’s books from then on.
One day over the summer I received a package at my library from a certain author, containing an ARC of his new book for me to give to an awesome teen patron/program regular/volunteer/friend – he read it in a day, I read it the day after, and we couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. That was 100 Sideways Miles, Andrew Smith’s latest novel. I now have my own hardcover copy of the book, complete with the sticky notes I profusely added while reading the ARC, and I seriously treasure this book. There is a very soft and warm little corner in my heart for the main character, Finn Easton; his best friend Cade Hernandez gets a hot and scary part of my heart. Getting to read the book early, wrangling my reactions and thoughts into a review, discussing the book over the summer, and then the joy of finally getting copies in at my library to get into the hands of teens anxiously awaiting Andrew’s newest book – all of these things make 100 Sideways Miles very, very important to me!

Monday Memories is an original feature/weekly meme created and hosted by Miss Print and the Book Bandit. We created Monday Memories because we both love and collect books and wanted to talk about them. We hope you’ll want to share too.
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Now that you know how it works, here’s what it is: Monday Memories is super simple. Just take a photo of a book from your personal library (or a library book that’s significant to you, etc.) and talk about why it matters. Is it your first ever signed book? The first book you reviewed on your blog? Whatever it is, write it up in a Monday Memories post and share it. 

6 thoughts on “Monday Memories – 100 SIDEWAYS MILES

    • The Marbury Lens is great in so many ways, but also really brutal and gritty and intense and gory and disgusting and full of feels. You should definitely try it :D


  1. This is a lovely story–I didn’t realize you had so much history with Andrew Smith (and love that you do!). This book was already on my radar but between this post and the NBA shortlist it is definitely climbing up the TBR pile.


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