Library Visit – Dayton Metro

Today I attended a Teen Services Special Interest Group Meeting (through SWON Libraries) at the Wilmington branch of Dayton Metro Public Libraries. It was a great meeting with a lot of sharing and discussion about programming for homeschooled teens, “new adult” programming, and teen spaces in libraries. 

At Dayton Metro they do an awesome program called “Take it and Read” where they drop off weeded books at various community locations. I would love to do this. 

Displaying IMG_20140905_105625.jpg    Displaying IMG_20140905_104910.jpg

The branch is really cool, and the teen area has great displays, a good collection of comics and manga, and velcro poetry boards. I made a poem. There is even a lizard in the children’s section! His name is scale. He was very cute. The teen librarian there does a lot of science programming, and he showed us a section of comic book (Tony Stark’s eye, to be exact) under a microscope. It was so cool. I was super pumped because, as you can see, I had come prepared with my Iron Man notebook!

Displaying IMG_20140905_104704.jpg    Displaying IMG_20140905_101434.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140905_123122.jpg


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