ARC August Wrap-Up

Today my ARC August Challenge is complete! Back at the beginning of the month I challenged myself to read 15 ARCs over the month of August. Well, I only got to 7, so I didn’t make it! I set my goal high, and that kept me motivated to read more ARCs than the 3 novels I finished at the beginning of the month. 

The 3 picture books were reviewed for YA Books Central, so check those out!

LOVE IS THE DRUG was my favorite book of the summer. I loved every word. I have never annotated a book like I did this one. The pages of the ARC are covered with my reactions, scribbled notes, questions, and thoughts. At one point Bird asks, “What’s the point of being brave if it destroys you?” and the way in which she answers this question could change your life.

LET’S GET LOST was my second favorite book of the summer! Read it. LET’S GET LOST is just as good as John Green’s road trip novel, PAPER TOWNS. In fact, I liked it better. It’s more realistic, the characters have more depth, and while it isn’t as funny, it’s not meant to be comedic. Leila’s road trip is a serious personal journey of discovery, and I loved being along for the ride.

LOVE, LUCY was sent to me for review by School Library Journal, so look for that review in the December edition of SLJ. I will say that it was a good book, and fans of Rainbow Rowell should get it on their to-read list!

The Worst Princess  Clara and Davie  I Pledge Allegiance


Evidence of Things Not Seen  Love Is the Drug  Let's Get Lost  Love, Lucy


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