Blog in Review – Search Terms

Here is something I have never done before – a review of the search terms used to find my blog through Google. I had no freaking clue that they would be so ridiculous. I fully expected the “libraries and manga”, the “anime club at library” and YA book series searches.

I did not expect the following:

attack on titan love -Love? Just love? Okay.

kill la kill ok for library – Uh, probably not. Sorry.

cat coffee nice day – Cat + coffee = nice day. Enough said.

in the shatter me series wo does juliette get with in the end – OMFG Do you expect me to spoil the series for you?! Seriously. What are you thinking.

anime kanokon sexy anime kanokon sexy – Pretty obvious what this person was thinking. 

chocolate teen male – I can’t even. This is my favorite one. I just. Wut. 

what is unstoppable corn – This is the most recent one, and it seriously made my day. What is unstoppable corn? Read GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE. Find the truth within.

why you should read homestuck – LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOMESTUCK. 

And now for some tame ones. Cause I occasionally run a serious blog:

top 10 books of 2014 – Totally expected. 

how to start an anime club at library – This is totally something my blog answers. Thank you.

librarians and cosplay – Yes, good.

realistic fiction for boys 12 yo – I hope you found some recommendations!

ya books about questioning your sexuality – I should probably write a full blog post on this. Seriously. I wish I had these books when I was a teen.


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