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 I’ve always been a dreamer. Daydreams. Night dreams. Dreams of grandeur and dreams of escape. If I were an onion and you peeled back the papery outside, you’d find layer after layer of eye-watering dreams. And in the center, where there’s that little curlicue of onion heart? There’d be a puff of smoke from the dreams that burned away.

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It was all just brain waves, I thought—disconnected, like the notebook that my friend Talon keeps. She draws a line down the middle of the page; on the right she writes everything she remembers about a dream, and on the left she puts notes about the stuff that’s happening in real life, things that might trigger her subconscious. Reality on one side, dreams on the other—a clear line between the two.
But it turns out there are no clear lines, just a jumble of what is and what might be. And all of it is real.

Are you excited to read DREAM BOY yet? This book seriously sounds like every teenage girl’s dream-come-true. I know I fantasized about this kind of situation when I was a teen…yep, I just admitted that!
Anyway, on to the author interview! Mary Crockett was lovely enough to answer some of my questions. Here we go!


Can we talk about the lovely cover design?! Did you both have input in the cover design? How does the imagery represent the story?

I had been told that we probably wouldn’t have any say on our cover design, but one of the first things the marketing team at Sourcebooks asked us was what we envisioned for the cover. Both Madelyn and I proposed some things and –amazingly!– Sourcebooks actually ran with one of our ideas. It turned out even more beautiful than I’d imagined it (thanks to photo-illustrator Shane Rebenschied, Art Director Adrienne Krogh, and designer Eileen Carey). 

The cover shows a bottle tree, which is popular in southern folk-magic. People would outfit a tree with colored bottles as a way of warding off evil spirits. Suffice to say, the tree does indeed play a crucial role in the story. I don’t want to give away too much by telling you how. 

What is the best part about co-writing a book? What about the worst part?

The best part is definitely that you share the workload. Sometimes writing seems so lonely and so fruitless. It’s a great thing to know that the story can carrying on without you for a bit when you hit a road block. The worst part? Editing together is hard. Every change–no matter how minor–has to be agreed upon. That’s time consuming. Madelyn and I would have marathon telephone calls during that process–which was fun, but also exhausting. Here’s a video Madelyn put together about the process:

Can you tell us where the idea for the book came from? 

I’ve always been obsessed with dreams, but the idea for Dream Boy as a book was inspired in some ways by an old Ginger Rogers movie. It’s a sort of “runaway bride” story about a woman who can’t seem to find a guy who lives up to the man of her dreams–literally, the man of her dreams. 

Do you have a favorite character? Which one was the most fun to write? 


I find Annabelle interesting because she’s kind of inarticulate when it comes to actual dialog, but we get to see her interior thought through her narration of the book–and that of course is much more eloquent. I really enjoyed the tension between what she says out loud and what she thinks. For me, that was one of the most fun parts to write. 


Will there be a second book?


Dream Boy is a stand-alone novel, but there’s a lot of potential for continuing the story and exploring other aspects of the characters. We wouldn’t rule another book out, but there currently isn’t anything in the works.

About Mary & Madelyn:
Mary Crockett likes turtles, licorice, and the Yankees. Madelyn Rosenberg likes cats, avocados, and the Red Sox. Luckily they both like the weirdness of dreams (and each other) enough to write novels together. The friendship has survived three moves, six kids and countless manuscript revisions. Madelyn lives just outside of Washington, D.C. Mary remains in the mountains near their hometowns in southwestern Virginia. You can find them on Twitter @marylovesbooks and @madrosenberg or their blogs at www.marycrockett.comand

DREAM BOY – by Mary Crockett & Madelyn Rosenberg – available July 1
Watch the BOOK TRAILER here:







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