Reviewer Blues

I am overwhelmed. That is the theme for this summer, everyone. Summer Reading Theme: Overwhelmed! Summer is underway and I. Am. Simply. Overwhelmed.

Let’s talk about books. Let’s talk about how I never have enough time to read books. I make time to read, people, and I still don’t have enough time for books. I love books. I love reading. It is my favorite way to spend my free time. I simply do not have enough free time to read all of these books!

What do I do? How do book bloggers handle this load of monstrous TBR piles looming over us like Mount Doom? I do not have a Ring of Power, and I am becoming delirious because of this lack! 

Please, please share with me in the comments:

  • Your tips for managing your to-be-read list/pile/mountain/bed.
  • Tricks for writing fast, interesting, helpful reviews.
  • Ways to prioritize your reading.
  • Anything else that may help a gal out.

I’ll just be over here, reading. And reading. And waiting. And checking Twitter. And reading. . .



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