ColossalCon 2014!



Beyond the Boundary idol group – I did a short, semi-impromptu photoshoot for these adorable cosplayers!


“Fuyukai-desu!” My Mirai Kuriyama cosplay, from Beyond the Boundary.


The most adorable Mako and Ryuko cosplayers at the Kill la Kill photoshoot.


Another lovely shot of my Mirai cosplay. I loved having that sword!


My friend Finny (or Jessica), in her Nora cosplay from RWBY. That hammer is SO big!


The lovely Bailey as Ruby, from RWBY, at the sting ray petting tank!






















It’s Monday and I’m back in the library!

I had a great weekend at ColossalCon, a huge anime convention in Sandusky, OH at the lovely Kalahari Resort & Conference Center. It was my first convention since last fall, and also the first time I’ve seen some of my otaku friends in a couple of years! I debuted a new cosplay, Mirai Kuriyama, and had a lot of fun taking cosplay photos of friends and at official con photoshoots. 

Check out more of my photos over on my cosplay page!


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