Take 5 – Take 3 in Akron

Take Five logo Take 5: Take Three continues our exploration of creative approaches, new ideas, collaboration, and network-building to inspire you and help you recharge. This year, we are dreaming big and asking “What If ?”

I was lucky to be able to attend Take 5 Take 3 in Akron, Ohio this year. Thanks to Krista and Jordan for carpooling and being awesome conference-buddies!

Take 5 was overall a great experience. Several things surpassed my expectations:

Akron was AMAZING.

There were SO many people at the conference.

The speakers were INSPIRED. 

What I enjoyed most were the networking activities on Thursday night: we had dinner and wine and lively discussions at Crave; we wandered around the Akron Art Museum and chatted about community events and engagement. 

The conference itself was…quite rushed. The speakers didn’t have enough time, our discussion sessions were cut short, and there was barely any time to wander the library and steal ideas (that’s what librarians do!) after it had opened. Next time I hope there is more facilitated, structured discussion time. I hope the speakers have enough time to get through their points without going over. I was also a little disappointed that the speakers didn’t have a lot of experiences with teen services. 


Takeaways from Krista’s notes!


VERY important questions.

Honestly, I didn’t get many ideas for new events or services from Take 5. However, I met a lot of great people, I had fun in Akron, and I got a whole lot of Reader’s Advisory resources from the Akron Library!



I also got to play with a Great White Shark puppet. I <3 sharks. It’s kind of a thing. 

I’m looking forward to attending Take 5 next year, wherever it may take me!



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