Slutshelf Giveaway

In honor of Alexandra Duncan’s mission to encourage women to support each other and rid the book world of the notion of the slutshelf, I’m offering a Giveaway. You can win an ARC of Alexandra Duncan’s SALVAGE, an ARC of Megan Shepherd’s HER DARK CURIOSITY, or a hardcover of Anne Greenwood Brown’s PROMISE BOUND – your choice! I will choose 3 winners, and the giveaway lasts a whole month!

I understand that sexualization of people, of genders, is a part of human nature. I also understand that avoidance of sexual topics, revulsion to the sexualization of women in literature, and a desire for women to remain chaste are also parts of human nature – they serve important evolutionary functions. Or at least, they once did.

But no longer. Not with birth control covered by the Affordable Care Act. Not with the state of feminism today. Moralizing the sexualization of women is simply not okay, especially in something as open and accepting as Young Adult Literature. 



I have a lot more to say on the subject, but get’s get right to the good stuff. The Giveaway! I couldn’t figure out how to embed the Rafflecopter into WordPress, so you have an extra click to enter. Sorry :P

 Click here to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!

Thanks to Alexandra Duncan for bringing up this issue and addressing it so well, and to Beth Revis for writing the post that initially brought it to my attention. This is an important issue in bookland right now, and while it may pale in comparison to other women’s rights issues going on in the world, right now, this is still something near to our hearts, our hobbies, our passions, and the lit that we love.


15 thoughts on “Slutshelf Giveaway

    • How did the movie compare with the book? I haven’t read it or seen it but I plan to for my library’s teen book club this summer!


    • Ahh, I still haven’t read it!! I’ve got it planned for my Teen Book Club this summer, so I’ll definitely read it soon :)


  1. I think it’s really awesome so many people are bringing attention to this and supporting against the “slut shelf”. When I first saw it on my bloglovin’ feed I had to ask myself if April fools had rolled around so quickly again. I was shocked. Thank you for being apart of this and putting on a giveaway along with it. I agree with many already that The Perks of Being a Wallflower was an amazing read. I also really enjoyed the story of Thirteen Reasons Why. Is that really a “slut book” or a banned book? Shocking. It has such a message to bring to people.


  2. I’m adding all the books mentioned here and elsewhere to my “Sex-Positive” shelf, and I’m hoping to get to them soon. Thanks for this.


  3. I remember reading and enjoying ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’.
    This idea is great, I wish people would think twice when naming their shelves, sometimes they get to hurt other people’s feelings maybe even without knowing it :|


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