Quotations from The Chocolate War

Last week I finished reading The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. It was the first time I had read it. I was so, so impressed. I wish that I had read it as a teen. I wish that it had been required reading in school. I wish that I had read it sooner, of course. I will continue recommending it to teens and adults and teachers and librarians as long as I live.

I am sharing some memorable moments from the book. Enjoy. And if you haven’t read it – what are you waiting for?

Often he rose early in the morning, before anyone else, and poured himself liquid through the sunrise streets, and everything seemed beautiful, everything in its proper orbit, nothing impossible, the entire world attainable. – Chapter 8 of The Chocolate War 


And he did see–that life was rotten, that there were no heroes, really, and that you couldn’t trust anybody, not even yourself. – Chapter 16 of The Chocolate War


He was swept away with sadness, a sadness deep and penetrating, leaving him desolate like someone washed up on a beach, a lone survivor in a world full of strangers. – Chapter 19 of The Chocolate War 


Do I dare disturb the universe?

Yes, I do, I do. I think.

Jerry suddenly understood the poster–the solitary man on the beach standing upright and alone and unafraid, poised at the moment of making himself heard and known in the world, the universe. – Chapter 28 of The Chocolate War 


They tell you to do your thing but they don’t mean it. They don’t want you to do your thing, not unless it happens to be their thing, too. – Chapter 38 of The Chocolate War 


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