D reads “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell (Spoiler Alert: I am a Rainbow Rowell fangirl!)

Check out D’s review of FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell!

D, The Librarian


Hello readers,

Fangirl is amazing and you should read it. It captures all there is to being a fangirl. Rainbow Rowell, author of the excellent Eleanor & Park, comes back in this novel to not only tug on our heartstrings again, but to geek out with us. I finished listening to Fangirl a month ago, but I can’t stop bothering people in real life about it. I am even forcing my boss to give it a listen!

So what is the big deal? Reading, or in my case listening to, Fangirl is like geeking out with a friend. Cather, the story’s protagonist, is a huge nerd over Simon Snow. Simon Snow is a wizard magician, and he is an orphan that got accepted to a school of magic. There, he meets Draco Malfoy Baz, his roommate and archenemy. Cather is not just infatuated with either character, though she loves…

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