Summer Programming for Teens

I have been planning and planning and planning for summer 2014. I think I’m almost finished!!!

Here is my dilemma regarding summer programming for teens at my library:

  1. Regular programming becomes slightly irrelevant because my teens are always here anyway.
  2. Regular programming is in higher demand because my teens are always here.
  3. I have a chance to do random, one-shot, quirky programs (Bubble Wrap Art, Intro Cartooning, Studio Ghibli Marathon) but might have 0-5 attendance b/c:
  •  vacations
  • summer school
  • summer camp
  • church camp
  • King’s Island trips
  • visiting relatives
  • trips to other countries
  • sleeping in
  • etc

4. Forgetfulness increases, like, a hundredfold, so the more “regular” I can make my program schedule, the more likely my teens are to attend.

5. I only have 2.5 months, not 3, in which to schedule “summer” programs.

6. Summer programs are due in mid-March. I am still ice-covered, shivering, and have lately lost most hope that spring will ever arrive, and so thinking about summer is really difficult right  now.

7. My programs must be on Mondays and Wednesdays, with few and far between exceptions. This helps greatly with point #4.

Okay, those were 6 different dilemmas. Regardless, this is a difficult situation. I believe I have conquered it successfully. After weeks of deliberation. Here we go.

There will be Gaming twice a month. There will be Creative Writing twice a month. Once a month there will be: movie, anime, book club, Pokemon club, graphic novel discussion. One time only there will be: Intro Cartooning, Teen Advisory Board, Just Dance & Rock Band party, after hours party, Intro Photography, Superhero Tag, and a Studio Ghibli movie marathon.

Most events will be between 4 and 6pm, others will be 2-4pm, and a few will be 6-8pm. Most teens aren’t even conscious before 11am, and they certainly aren’t going to make their way over here to the library before 1pm, so 2pm was my earliest possibly starting point. I also couldn’t have Gaming and Creative Writing on the same day. Just, no. Anime club & Graphic Novel discussion group went hand-in-hand, so one follows the other. One of the Gaming sessions is a Minecraft Lab in which my teens will battle teens at another library branch – exciting!!

Did I mention our Summer Reading Kick-Off is going to be Superheroes and Villains-themed and will be absolutely fantastic?!

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for my summer planning update. More updates when I’ve got things finalized. Because this has been such a difficult task and I needed to share it!!


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