Giveaway of the month: Polish edition of CROAK

I know there are some Croak fans out there watching my blog – now is your chance to win something super cool and a little strange and pretty unique – a Polish edition of Croak! Head over to Gina Damico’s blog to fill out the entry form :)


I haven’t previously talked about this very much because, truth be told, I did not know exactly when the Polish edition of CROAK, published by Fabryka Słów , was coming out–because, truth be told, no one told me. But lo and behold, it now exists! In Poland!


The translator, bless her heart, contacted me with lots of questions about what all of the English death idioms and puns meant (fun fact: instead of “kick the bucket”, the Polish expression is “kick the calendar”), and proceeded to toil tirelessly in the thankless job of making sense of my nonsense. I think just trying to comprehend what a smack of jellyfish is broke her brain for weeks on end.

And while I don’t speak Polish myself, and therefore admittedly have no way of assessing the translation, she seemed very thorough and committed to getting it right–so I’m going to go ahead…

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