My Year of YA

I read more this year than I ever have before. EVER. Okay, I can’t say that with 100% certainty, because I’m pretty sure one year when I was in high school I read everything ever published by Christopher Pike at the time. But anyway.

2013 was the year of YA for me! It was my first full year as a Teen Librarian at the Erlanger branch of the amazing Kenton County Public Library. It’s been a great year at my first real, professional, Libraryland job. And it’s been a great year of reading, reading, reading!

I challenged myself to read 200 books in 2013. And I did. And then I read more. I read 253+ total books this year. Thanks to my addiction to Goodreads I was able to easily keep track of everything I read, sort them into book types and genres and review challenges and so much more.

Here’s the breakdown by type of book:

158 manga

78 novels

12 novellas or short stories

5 children’s books

And now the breakdown by genre:

32 – Dystopic

22 – Fantasy

20 – Contemporary

6 – Non-Fiction

6 – Fairy Tale

My absolute favorite books of the year were Blood Lad, Shatter MeEleanor & Park, TeethScarlet, Of Beast and Beautyand Fathomless.

I am still currently reading Wither by Lauren DeStefano and Wicked Lovely!


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