Are you Alice in the County of Hearts?

Are You Alice? 1巻

A recent adaptation of the Alice in Wonderland story – a precocious guy is brought into Wonderland as the new “Alice”, and haunted by the memories of the past Alices he must try to survive and carve out a life in this strange world.

There are so many variations of the classic Alice in Wonderland story, and these manga adaptations are definitely my favorites! For more info on Alice in the County of Hearts and Alice in the County of Clover check out my previous Alice post. I’ve featured the  most recent release in those series below.

A quite different interpretation is Are You Alice?, in which the protagonist is a rich boy lost in a strange land that seems to be something like his own, but is actually quite different. He is the newest “Alice”, and what that means we don’t yet know. We do know that the Queen wants him dead, the Cheshire Cat is out to trick him, and the ghosts of the last Alice is haunting him. I would definitely recommend it for Alice in Wonderland fans as well as those looking for an interesting new manga series to pick up on.



Alice Love Fables: Toy Box

Love Fables: Toy Box is a collection of short stories from the Alice in the Country of Hearts/Clover series as well as QuinRose’s Arabian Nights and Crimson Empire series. It’s a great introduction to those two series and delightful additions to the Alice romance storylines.

The latest (last?) volume in the Alice in the County of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz series. The Cheshire Cat storyline is by far the favorite in the Heart no Kuni no Alice manga series, and volume 7 definitely does not disappoint.


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