One Choice Will Define You.

I finished Allegiant over the weekend.

First things first: I loved the ending. I thought it was perfect. Yes, a perfect end for the series. Seriously.

As the final book in a series that I didn’t really enjoy all that much, I thought Allegiant was quite good. It was better than the previous books, for these reasons:

  • Alternating viewpoints between Tris and Tobias. I know, a lot of people hated it, but it is a good writing technique that gets a lot done in a book. You can show what’s happening in multiple places and times without boring the reader or making a single protagonist travel through time and space. Which can be cool, but isn’t what should happen in this book.
  • Leaving out unnecessary details. There was very little filler, which I found to be a great relief.
  • Character development. There was so much of it. People changed so very much that the characters I knew from Divergent were almost unrecognizable. This was so awesome. I want this to happen in more YA series.
  • Mistakes. The characters make so many mistakes, and have to deal with them, and their friends have to deal with them, and those challenges make it so real.
  • It was just more cohesive, more compelling, with better storytelling.

So about that ending. I really. Just rewrote and erased that sentence 10 times. Let’s try again.

Spoilers Below. You have been warned.










Still here? Okay, back to that ending. 

I enjoyed it and thought it was incredibly appropriate as a way to end this really popular series. I understand why people didn’t want their beloved Tris to die, but I can see why she had to die. It makes perfect sense, both from a storytelling perspective and a characterization standpoint. What would Tris really do? By the time they all start making that plan to stop the memory serum from erasing Chicago I knew that Tris would sacrifice herself. It is so obvious that she is thinking about it, that she wants to be the one to do it, because she doesn’t want anyone else to die. She wants to protect them, and she must die to do it, and she is so very brave for doing so.

Yes, I cried for Tobias. He must be so brave to keep going after he lost Tris, so brave to not give in to his selfish desires to jump off a building and not go on. I felt so, so bad for him and every time he thought about her my heart hurt. But it worked. There was so much feeling at the end. It was so compelling and so intense and so heart-wrenching. How can that be bad? That is seriously just good writing.

If anyone else is reading this: What did you think? Did you love/hate the ending? Did you cry? Did you throw your book in rage? Comment and tell me!


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