The most powerful doggie girl in the history of paradox space!

jadeThis past Saturday I attended Tsubasacon for the first time, and I had a blast. It was a great convention, and had a lot more attendees than I expected. There was a large Homestuck following there, as well as a lot of other great cosplayers.

GrimbarkI had completed my first Homestuck kid cosplay just for Tsubasacon – Grimbark Jade! It wasn’t too difficult of a costume, but I did have some makeup issues, as expected. I applied the makeup in the car on the way to the con, which wasn’t too bad, but then the makeup on my hands wore off almost immediately. This didn’t happen with what I usually use (Ben Nye ghost grey). However, the makeup on my face/neck/ears was very nice, didn’t come off, wasn’t splotchy, and had a nice even coverage (mix of black+white halloween cream makeup). I cleaned up and styled my Feferi wig into this Jade wig, made the shirt, hood, and skirt, painted some pink shoes red, made ears and sewed them on top of my wig, and then painted foam balls to represent the two planets Derse and Lofaf the night before the con. Overall it was a successful cosplay that I am proud of!



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