Swooning for Manuscripts?


So MacMillan Publishers through their SwoonReads Imprint is starting an innovative way to publish fiction. It is a community-based system in which users read, rate, and review manuscripts submitted by other users, and then the highest rated stories will be read by the publishing board. Those manuscripts will then have a chance to be published by SwoonReads with a $15,000 up front contract. Sound like a sweet deal? I think so! Click the pic to the left to be taken to the About SwoonReads page to learn about how to read or even submit a manuscript for review.

I absolutely love this idea and I hope that other YA publishers take it up in the future. The YA book community is strong and passionate, and those who love YA books really spend a lot of time reading, reviewing, and promoting them, especially online. While now there are only about 50 manuscripts available to peruse I imagine the site will see an inundation of submissions in the next couple of months, and it remains to be seen whether there will be enough interest in this endeavor to garner ratings and reviews for all of them.


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