The Story of Eleanor & Park

True Love, Book Fights, And Why Ugly Stories Matter

If sealing this particular book off from young readers tells them anything, I fear it will be, “If something like this happens to you — if people swear at you, or they call you a slut, or they make comments about your body — don’t tell anyone, because talking about how hard it is to survive this is no excuse for letting any of these words or ideas or issues come out of your mouth.”

Read about the controversy from the parents’ side over here

Read the parents’ statement about the book right here


One thought on “The Story of Eleanor & Park

  1. I wonder whether the speaker of the quote has children. I have two, and that quote would not even enter my mind as a “fear” regarding the subject of the post. That “fear” sounds like the abstract sort applied to disassociated, hypothetical phantoms, not to one’s own children. After reading that report and the comparison to R rated movies, etc, it is hard to make an intellectually honest case for giving this book to kids aged 12-16 without parental consent. Besides, telling a child “This material is not appropriate for your age,” is not making a call on the merits of the subject, but more so on the delivery. It’s simply a parent saying you aren’t old enough to read this yet. Wait until you’re older and have a little more grounding, experience and context.


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