Manga for Inspiration and Creativity

Bakuman, Volume 1: Dreams and Reality

I started reading the Bakuman series a couple of weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with it. I cannot put it down. I have my eye on all the copies on the shelf that I still need to read. It is my new favorite thing.

It is about Mashiro and Takagi, who start out as middle schoolers with a dream to become manga artists before they graduate from high school. They are incredibly determined and full of a ton of amazing ideas for manga. I love watching them come up with ideas, figure out how to make them into a series, work with editors, and meet deadlines while still going to school. They are crazed manga lovers who will do anything to accomplish their dream! There are currently 20 volumes of Bakuman, and I can’t wait to finish them all. 

Bakuman, Volume 2: Chocolate and Akamaru Bakuman, Volume 8: Panty Shot and Savior Bakuman. Vol. 20 (Bakuman, #20)

I would highly recommend Bakuman to all manga and anime fans, and also to anyone in need of creative inspiration. The protagonists are a really gifted team: Takagi writes the stories and Mashiro creates the artwork. The sheer amount of material they make, the way they pull through on last-minute deadlines, and their never-ending lack of motivation are really inspiring. When I’m feeling like I don’t have the motivation for costuming, or I just can’t think of any more writing ideas, I read a chapter of Bakuman and I am seriously ready to create again.

Interested in checking out the first volume? Find it in the Kenton County Public Library catalog here, where you can place a hold for any volume or see if it is checked in at your branch. You can also read free chapter previews from the publisher’s website


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