Pokemon Nostalgia

Pokemon is still such an important part of my life, and even my job. So many of my teens still like the Pokemon video games; they have debates frequently about the new Pokemon types and the features of the upcoming Pokemon X & Y Game releases this fall. We have serious and deep discussions about game strategy and the changing video game market. One of my teen volunteers designed a Pokemon-style mascot for our Teen Advisory Board, and I’m going to get it printed on t-shirts for the group!

Once I showed them my own collection of Pokemon cards and decks some of the teens got back into the trading card game as well and dug up their own collections from under their beds or in boxes in their closets or the bottoms of their lockers. I helped them learn how to build decks and reviewed the rules with them. We helped new people learn and shared cards with each other. It is always so much fun!

In August I’m working with the children’s department at my library to host a Pokemon Party. I am SO excited about it! We’re going to make Pokemon masks and food crafts, play Pokemon video games, and I’m running a Pokemon Scavenger Hunt. For that my teen volunteers will pose as Gym Leaders who will challenge participants with trivia questions. If they get the questions right they will win a small Pokemon figure. Participants can challenge as many gym leaders as they want (I’ll have about 10) but they can only collect 5 figures total.

I watched the orignal Pokemon anime as a kid, and then I read the graphic novels when I was in high school. I enjoyed them so much. I spent so much time playing the video games, reading the manga over and over again, which all led me to dream so hard of becoming a real Pokemon trainer. I wanted Pokemon to be real so bad! Okay, I still really dream about that, but now I have access to so much more in the Pokemon world!

There are so many video games to play, new cards to collect for the trading card game, online games to play, new manga series to read (Black & White, Pokemon Adventures, Mystery Dungeon), Pokemon guides to peruse, and there is even a Pokemon Convention happening next month! I will, of course, be attending!

Most people think of Pikachu when they hear the word Pokemon, and rightly so. Pikachu is the most well-known and popular Pokemon because of its status as the first Pokemon given to Ash, the original Pokemon trainer in the anime series. However, my first Pikachu was the one pictured above in the Pikachu Shocks Back manga. That sketchy, dark yellow version of Pikachu was my first exposure to Pokemon and my favorite incarnation of the feisty little electric mouse.

I will always ensure that my library has copies of the original Pokemon manga. I want other kids to be able to discover the world of Pokemon in its original state, like I did. With all of the variations and versions that have been created since the first Pokemon Adventures and Pikachu Shocks Back I think it is so important to keep in mind where it all started.

This is Ash’s Pikachu!


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