Summer of Skype

Gina Damico is such a cool author! I chatted with her a couple months ago when my teen book club read “Croak” and it was lots of fun.


Attention librarians, teachers, and anyone else who might be heading up a summer reading program: talk at my face!

I’m running a promotion for a little something I like to call…the SUMMER OF SKYPE. *lights flashing, thunder clapping, cats screeching* For the next three months (that’s July, August, and bonus non-summer month September), I am offering FREE half-hour Skype visits to your book group–whether it be a teen summer reading program at a library, a not-so-teen book club, a summer school session, a writing group, or even a regular classroom once September rolls back around. Our chat could cover the writing process, maybe a sprinkling of the books, plus time for Q&A (or anything else you’d like me to touch on–I’m happy to tailor the discussion to your group’s needs). The only requirement is that this be for an actual group–as much as I’d love to Skype with individual fans…

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