Manga Review: Blood Lad

Blood Lad, Vol. 1

I just discovered Blood Lad, and I loved it so much that I bought the first volume for my personal collection. It is so original, yet so familiar to many manga and anime fans.

There’s a demon world, a human ghost, vampires and werewolves, monstrous creatures, and damsels in distress. The protagonist, Staz, is so loveable yet absolutely weird. He’s a demon, and a boss, but he loves human culture, especially Japanese stuff, and he collects it like a hoarder.

The art style is really great. There’s a ton of detail, the characters’ expressions are awesome and full of feeling, and the character designs themselves are just very well done. Readers will love noting Staz’s strange fashion, and wonder what strange outfit he’s going to toss his human ghost girl into next.

Another great thing about the art are the color panels! There are several full color front and back pages in the front and middle of each volume. Each volume is simply enormous for a manga volume. It encompasses almost 3 normal sized manga volumes. There is so much content, so much story, so much cool art and quirky characters and awesome action and demon world shenanigans.

Blood Lad, Vol. 2

I’ve only read volumes 1 and 2, but I am just so anxious to read the rest! I highly recommend it for manga and anime fans, especially those who like Blue ExorcistSoul Eater, and BleachIt is also going to be made into an anime and be shown in Japan this summer! I think that will increase the popularity of the manga and make it more mainstream and increase demand for it as well! Check out info about the anime here on MyAnimeList and here on Crunchyroll, with character designs and background art too!!!

Blood Lad Anime promo art!


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