What your teen librarian does all day.

Many of my teens wonder what I do all day when I’m not in programs with them or not at the Reference Desk. I’ve tried to tell them, but it’s easier to show it, so that’s why I’ve been trying to get them to volunteer with me and other library staff, and also to participate in my Librarian for a Day job shadowing program. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of all the things I might do in a day at my lovely job!

  • Check my email. All day long. Even on my lunch break. I am in constant communication with so many people from around the country. Srsly.
  • Manage the YA collection. This includes the following: putting stickers on books, taking stickers off materials, look into new items to order, put together to-order lists for collection services, put books on display, look into replacement copies that need to be ordered because materials are lost/stolen/damaged.
  • Plan programs: I come up with program ideas, run them past my teens, talk to my managers about them, look at what other libraries have done, research and purchase or procure necessary supplies, put together any notes or get any preparation work done
  • Spend time at the Reference Desk. This is pretty important. I spend a lot of hours everyday at the Desk. Sometimes I multitask and do other things here too, but mostly it’s just answering computer questions, helping people find materials and manage their accounts, among lots of other things!
  • Do training. This includes watching online webinars, going to training at the Administration building, going to library staff meetings, going to meetings at other library systems.
  • Keep up to date on YA Librarian news: new YA books, upcoming events, news in Libraryland, new technology that I should know about, follow email listservs with local and national library and youth services news in them.
  • Manage my teen volunteers. I have over 20 volunteers now and I have to keep track of their hours, report their hours every month, keep track of what they’re doing and when, organize projects for them and make sure they’re completed.
  • Implement/Run programs: I have to actually run the programs that I plan! This takes up a lot of my time each week. I have so many teen programs right now, and I really enjoy all of them!
  • Do Reader’s Advisory and be people’s personal librarians. This means I look into what teens might like to read, see if we have those items, put them on hold, etc.
  • Do Outreach by visiting local schools and organizations and promoting the library’s services, programs, and collections. I currently visit 2 local high schools and one of the middle schools in the area with some measure of infrequency. I would like to do more outreach visits in the future!
  • Blog. I blog quite a lot. I write blog posts here, for the KCPL blog, and I browse through the posts of a lot of book and library-centric blogs.
  • I Facebook. Quite a lot. I assist in managing the KCPL Facebook page, the KCPL Teens Facebook page, and I connect with over a hundred local teens on my own work Facebook account. I post events, send them messages, post reminders, post info about local events, jobs, new book and movie releases, and so much more.



Then at the end of the day I go home to my lovely dog, Ruby! She’s a miniature longhair dachshund, and she thinks I am her pet and servant and handmaid. And I really am most of the time!


If you’re interested in following what another KCPL Teen Librarian does all day check out Jessy Griffith’s blog over here on Tumblr.


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