Tiger, Bunny, Wolves, and Psychics!

Jiu Jiu, Vol. 1 I absolutely loved the first volume of Jiu Jiu! The characters are intense, believable, and make you want to come back for more. The world feels real, the demon-fighting aspect doesn’t take over the story from the main focus of the relationship between the protagonists. The wolf boys are adorable, the protagonist is harsh and quite a contrast to the typical female lead, and their group’s antics are so much fun and so heartfelt. Definitely a must-have for manga fans and teen library collections.

Tiger & Bunny, Vol. 1


Tiger & Bunny is the manga adaptation of a really popular newer anime series by the same name. It was aired in Japan in 2013 and was something of a worldwide phenomenon at the time. A team of superheroes is part of a reality TV series following their exploits and crime-fighting escapades. Each hero has a Superhero Name, a cool outfit, and corporate sponsors. A cool thing about the series is that the sponsors in the series for each superhero actually sponsored the anime in real life!


Psycho Busters 1

Psycho Busters is an older manga series that I picked up at my smaller local library recently. It has a flashy cover and title, so that drew me in. Turns out the series is just as flashy, but not too intense. It is about a group of teens who escaped from a government facility in which they experiment on kids to boost their psychic powers so they can use them to gain power, money, and influence. The good guys are not very unique characters, but the villains are so, so cool! I am on the third volume, and there was an incredible plot twist that is keeping me reading.


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