Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland is one of my favorite anime and manga series ever. I love it so much, I have Ganta’s symbol tattooed on my palm. Forever. I have cosplayed Shiro several times, in two different costumes. I own volumes 1-5 of the manga. They are one of my most cherished possessions.

This is something that every library should have in its collection. Deadman Wonderland is iconic, extremely popular, and a must-see for most anime fans. Public libraries should also have it because the manga is 100% unavailable in the U.S. It is out of print. The publisher is most likely not going to revive from its near-death. Each volume in English is selling for $30 (used – $100 (new) on Amazon. If you can’t have the manga, you’ve got to have the anime. It only costs $45 on Amazon right now. That is so worth it!

Check out this trailer for the anime, or read the description below! anime summary: “Death is the main attraction in Deadman Wonderland, from the studio that brought you Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy.
Ganta is the only survivor after a mysterious man in red slaughters a classroom full of teenagers. He s framed for the carnage, sentenced to die, and locked away in the most twisted prison ever built: Deadman Wonderland. And then it gets worse.
At Deadman Wonderland, convicts are forced into brutal deathmatches for the amusement of the masses, the cheers of the crowd drowning out the screams of the dismembered. Even when Ganta befriends Shiro, an unusual female inmate, his dark fate crushes all hope until he discovers the strange ability to wield his spilled blood as a weapon. Ganta learns his new skill might be related to the murderous man in red and uncovers disturbing secrets that could expose those who stole his freedom. He’s determined to see justice served – but first he’ll have to fight for his life in a prison that holds a million ways to die.”


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