Avengers Assemble!

Avengers_Battle_for_Earth_cover_art Today I had another video game tournament at my library. Tournaments are a great way to bring in new teens to programs. I always see new faces at tournaments, and even though they don’t always turn into regulars at other programs it’s great to see them interacting with new people, discovering that the library does fun stuff, and finding out about all the other fun things they can do here.

This tournament was a little different, because we played a game for X-Box 360 – Kinect. We played marvel Avengers Battle for Earth. The kinect was insane. None of us had played this game before, and we had to use how to learn the kinect sensor bar too! We spent about 35 or 40 minutes at the beginning of the program making sure everyone had at least one practice match so that they weren’t completely unfamiliar with the controls and the sensor. The rest of the program took about 75 minutes.


Video game tournaments take up a lot of time. I always budget at least 3 hours in for a video game tournament, with 2 hours for actual gameplay, 45 minutes for setup and 15 minutes for cleanup. They are also expensive, because sometimes you have to buy a copy of the game (but it could also be used as a prize), and prizes for it. Sometimes a $20 Gamestop Gift card will do, but I like to make the prizes fit the theme of the tournament, if possible. For this tournament I had 3 available prizes, Avengers headphones, the movie, and the video game, and the winners could choose what they wanted.

It was a fun and successful program. The attendance was smaller than I usually get for this kind of program, but that also made it easier to manage an unfamiliar gaming system. I think I’ll continue to have video game tournament programs, but I will probably change the schedule for them and have them on weekdays evenings instead of Sunday afternoons.



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